Welcome to Ceroc Surrey!

We have weekly beginners classes running in Worplesdon, Mytchett, Epsom, Surbiton and Byfleet

Ceroc, the biggest Dance club in the world has been introducing beginners to the world of partner dance for over 30 years.


We teach a modern fusion of the popular partner dances with influences from Jive, West Coast Swing, Salsa, Swing and Ballroom. 

It's fun, it’s easy, it’s a fantastic way to keep fit and it’s a great way to socialise and meet people. 

CEROC is a complete night out!



When can I come to classes?

You can come to Ceroc Surrey classes at any time. There is no need to book and there are no 'terms' or course dates. We hold weekly classes at both beginner and intermediate levels, so even the most basic moves are covered every class night and are aimed at brand new beginners. If you already have some dancing experience, we also have the intermediate lessons so there is something for everybody!

We would like to welcome you to this fantastic world of dance. ceroc comproses of over 800 moves and yet only need to pick up a handful to look like a professional! By the end of your first Beginner's session  you will have learnt 3 moves that you can then repeat over and over again enabling you to dance the night away.

Each week, as you build up your repertoire of moves, you'll find you're also maintaining new levels of fitness. Whether you want to be a good dancer or just improve your level of fitness, Ceroc will provide you with a sociable and exciting challenge.

Ceroc Classes are unique n that there is no formal footwork. This not only means that it is easy to learn, but it is also means that you have the freedom to apply your own style in your own time.

Most people have never learned to dance and think that they have 2 LEFT FEET, but absolutely anyone can leanr to dance Ceroc. It is simply a case of getting into a routine of turning up regularly. Ceroc is not for professionals and we were all beginners at one time, it just requires you to make the commitment to turn up.

We often get asked "How long does it take to become really good?" Everyone learns at different speeds, but generally it takes about 6 weeks before you will feel really confident in the freestyle.

With over 300 Ceroc Clubs across the globe there is no excuses for missing your weekly Ceroc fix.....yes, it is addictive !


What is the 6 for 3 offer?

The 6 4 3 offer is only open to new members and they must take the offer up on their first or second night at Ceroc. The 643 offer means you get 6 lessons for the price of 3. An excellent offer exclusive for our new members.

Who can I dance with?

You can dance with anyone at Ceroc, it is the norm for women to ask men to dance as much as it is the other way around!

Are there any Ceroc rules or ettiquettes?

You must be a member to come into the venue, if you'd like to come and watch a lesson first, you need to sign up for membership (this costs £2.00).

You don’t need to bring a partner.

Always let your dance partner know if you have any injuries or ailments!

You can miss a week!

The more freestyle dance you do, the quicker you learn.

The women ask the men to dance as much as the men ask the women.

For fast track learning try attending a Beginners Workshop. These last 4 hours and have smaller classes.

Saying no when someone asks you dance is unusual.

Ceroc Teachers and Taxi Dancers are always happy to dance and run through the routine with you.

We are a fun and lovely bunch!

We also have CEROCSHOP




Ceroc hosts workshops at weekends nattily called 'Cerocshops', these Cerocshops range from beginner to advanced. The Cerocshop environment is an excellent way of rapidly improving your dancing, with a maximum of 22 people in each workshop there is also a greater opportunity for personal tuition.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, and there's no need to bring a partner.

These are 4 hour intensive Cerocshops which will help you either learn Ceroc very quickly if you are a beginner, or improve your dancing if you have been Cerocing for a while.

All our Cerocshops are held at weekends and you need to book in advance.



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